About program

We offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmacology. Our curricula are designed to provide research experience and skills for our master candidates and in-depth pharmacology knowledge for our Ph.D. candidates suitable for their careers in healthcare settings, academia, and drug development industry.

Education philosophy

> Master Program

The international MS program in pharmacology and new drug development aims to develop MS graduates who are skillful in modern pharmacology.  Students can choose their major to focus on either medical pharmacology or systems pharmacology.  Our master graduates are well trained to be able to criticize and communicate professionally and maintain themselves as lifelong learners.   Students are required to complete a thesis on their chosen research topics, to demonstrate their ability to conduct the research project and to professionally communicate about their completed research work to the broader pharmacology community.  Our Master program also offers didactic venues for students to perfect their interpersonal skills and professional ethics, with the end goal of fostering skillful members of any multidisciplinary team in the pharmaceutical industry.

> Doctoral Program

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital takes the opportunity to revise our Doctor of Philosophy Program in Pharmacology and New Drug Development (international program) to meet with the current market demands of next-generation pharmacologists.  Apart from emphasizing the importance of ethical conducts and social responsibilities in pharmacological research, our curriculum will prepare PhD graduates with agile and adaptive problem-solving skills under a rapidly evolving research environment.  Leveraging on our well-equipped research infrastructure, well-funded research programs and strategic location within the largest quaternary-care medical center in Thailand, we can offer our PhD students internationally competitive research opportunities in diverse topics.  Our coursework helps to reinforce their skills in critical thinking, quantitative sciences, and proposal writing, to prepare students to become independent researchers in the future.  Last but not least, we also offer plenty of opportunities for students to advance their communication skills both in oral and written forms through intramural and international conferences.

Career after Graduation

                The Majority of our graduates of department of Pharmacology become faculty members in university and scientist in other research facilities. The charts below show percent of graduate’s occupation form 2006 – 2019. For 48% of Master’s degree holder start their carrier in the research and relevant position. Most of Doctoral degree holder are faculty member in universities.

                 According to Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) organization’s budget announcement in conceptual framework for reinvesting in 3 categories include service, system and healthcare industry, it shows a curtain amount of personnel needed in healthcare and medical industry. This amount is included scientist, bioprocess/production engineering, clinical investigation, pharmacist and biomedical engineering.  Thus, carrier paths for the degree holder for the modern society in near future can be told that our programs are suitable for both academic, healthcare and medical industry because our programs in pharmacology and new drug development are aim to producing the graduate in higher education who is skillful in modern pharmacology and drug development research. Our coursework helps to reinforce their skills in critical thinking, quantitative sciences, and proposal writing, to prepare students to become independent researchers in the future.