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History of the Department of Dermatology

Dermatology has been part of the curriculum since 1937, as a division of Internal Medicine. It was then formally recognized as the department of Dermatology in 1993 by collaborative effort from Professor Meranee Thianprasit and Associate Professor (position held at that time) Patcharee Sunthornpalin.

History of Dermatology residency program

Dermatology training program first started in 1970 as part of Internal Medicine. Only one resident, Yaovaret Shochom (Nakjang), M.D. was enrolled and Professor Thongnan Vipatavanich was the instructor. At first the residency program consisted of one year training in Internal Medicine followed by two year of studying in Dermatology. Throughout the years, Dermatology has been evolved into a distinct discipline of cutaneous medicine. Nowadays, the dermatology residency training program at Siriraj hospital, Mahidol University is an accredited four-year training program designed to expertise resident knowledge of Dermatology and research along with clinical experiences.

  1. Yaowares Shochom (Nagjang) M.D.
  2. Chasuree Sitakalin M.D.
  3. Chuanchuen Itharat M.D.

Establishment of the Department

Professor Meranee Thianprasit, the last chief of the division of dermatology, dedicated his life in changing the status of this academic section from division to a department. From its inception, our department has been the first and the only department of dermatology in Thailand. The transforming process lasted more than 3 years. Professor Meranee retired before the process was completed, and Clinical Professor (associate professor, the position he held at that time) Patcharee Sunthornpalin followed his plan until the department was established in 1993 and then became the first chair of the department. The Department of Dermatology was officially ratified by the Royal Thai Government Gazette to become the 23rd academic department of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. Since then it has consisted 5 faculty members, 7 medical technologists and 3 office-staff.These 5 faculty members were:

  1. Clinical Professor Patcharee Sunthornpalin
  2. Associate Professor Apichart Siwayatorn
  3. Associate Professor Puan Suthipinittharm
  4. Associate Professor Vichit Leenuttapong
  5. Assistant Professor Niyom Tantikun



The department maintains the excellence in service, academics, and research, to achieve international standards. Our work is managed and regulated under transparency. We aim to provide thorough dermatologic consultations and serve everyone equally.

  1. Pre-graduation and post-graduation trainings; we aim to provide high quality of training and research as classified as international standard.
  2. Research; we promote research in all disciplinary fields to form a research network and emerge cutting edge knowledge
  3. Healthcare services; aim to achieve excellence in services, academics and research to provide a high standard of medical care and consultations.


True success lies within the application of medical advancement in Dermatology for the benefit of all mankind.


We, Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital aim to bring forth competent physicians and health care providers, implementing better healthcare services, research and medical innovation for the benefit of all mankind.


To be the leader in the field of Dermatology and achieve international standards.


Our dermatology department is the part of Faculty of Medicine,
Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University that has been the leading medical
school hospital in Thailand and South East Asia for more than a century.
Currently, we have 20 dermatology board certified full-time staffs and
have 9 divisions as described below