Siriraj Urticaria Center

Siriraj Urticaria Center

Our clinic provides diagnosis, counseling, treatment for patients with urticaria. To manage patient-specific urticaria treatment, we have multiple laboratory tests to identify the cause of urticaria. Our team consists of multidisciplinary staffs including doctors specialized in urticaria, nurses and scientists. Urticaria clinic is available on Wednesdays during 9.00 – 13.00 in room 47 on the 4th floor of Out-patient Department Building, Siriraj Hospital. Telephone number is (+66)2-419-7380 ext. 9415



  • Diagnosis, counseling, treatment for urticaria
  • Skin prick test
  • Autologous serum skin test
  • Other tests such as FricTest®, dermographic tester, TempTest®, delayed pressure urticaria test, photo test, and vibratory test



1.Prof. Kanokvalai Kulthanan, M.D.

2.Assoc. Prof. Papapit Tuchinda, M.D.

3.Assoc. Prof. Leena Chularojanamontri, M.D.

4.Chuda Rujitharanawong, M.D.


Other healthcare providers:

1.Samruay Pinkaew, B.Ed., M.Sc.

2.Piengchan Pookab, R.N.

3.Nattacha Chanchaemsri, B.Sc.

4.Sasipha Nuttawong, B.Sc.