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            The overarching theme of research at the department is clinical pharmacology research and precision medicine research to pave the way for new drug discovery and development.


Undergraduate students

            We offer undergraduate courses to implement and apply pharmacology for students in biomedical fields.

Postgraduate students

            We offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmacology. Our curricula are designed to provide research experience and skills for our master candidates and in-depth pharmacology knowledge for our Ph.D. candidates suitable for their careers in healthcare settings, academia, and drug development industry.


            We offer the services for bioequivalence trials fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

Knowledge management activities

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Research grant “Bacterial pathogenesis”


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Siriraj Initiative in Systems Pharmacology (SiSP)

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Profiling of protein networks that identify predictors for cholangiocarcinoma targeted therapy

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