Abstract Submission Guideline

  1. Please prepare your abstract in MS-Word format
  2. The abstract must be written in English, typed in ‘Times New Roman’ font, 12 points, and must not exceed 250 words (excluding Title, Author(s), Institution(s), and Keywords) 
  3. In the abstract, the topic must be BOLD, no indent is needed, and start a new paragraph when the topic changes
    1. Title: Always use capital letter with the first alphabet, except prepositions and scientific terms of species
    2. Author(s): Identify FULL given name followed by surname of authors with qualification
    3. Affiliation: Type in italic. If the authors are from different affiliations, please use number *, **, *** … for superscript and alternate with colon (,). Please begin with Division (if applicable), Department/Center, Faculty and Institution. 
    4. Objective(s)
    5. Method(s)
    6. Results
    7. Conclusion
    8. Keywords: 3-5 words
    9. Correspondence and Email
  4. Language in the abstract must be appropriate and grammatically accurate. For scientific names, please underline the word, so that the publisher will turn them into italic
  5. Press 1 space bar between words, press 2 space bars between sentences. Punctuation mark must be close the previous word, then, press 1 space bar. Do not try to start a new paragraph
  6. The committee will not accept the abstract without results 
  7. The research content in your abstract must not be published in any publication and proceeding

Categories for Oral Presentation Awards:

- Trainee Category (e.g. student, resident, and fellow)
          1st        Place 5,000 THB
          2nd      Place   3,000 THB
          3rd       Place   2,000 THB

- General Category (e.g. doctor, nurse, scientist, researcher, and lecturer)
          1st         Place   5,000 THB
          2nd       Place   3,000 THB
          3rd        Place   2,000 THB

Timeline for Abstract Submission:

1. Calling for abstract: Now - 30 April 2024
2. Announcement for the oral presentation and e-poster (via acceptance letter): in May 2024
3. E-poster file submission: in May 2024
4. Oral presentation confirmation: in May 2024
5. Slide oral presentation submission: by June 2024
6. Conference starts 10 – 12 July 2024
7. Oral Presentation: 12 July 2024
8. Announcement for oral presentation awards and award ceremony: 12 July 2024


1. Abstract submission is for oral presentation and e-poster in this conference.
2. To apply for Oral Presentation Awards, please select “Oral presentation” in the form.
3. Oral presentation date is on 12 July 2024.
4. Results of Oral Presentation Awards will be announced on 12 July 2024. (The winners will be received the award on 12 July 2024.)
5. Candidate for oral presentation shall receive the acceptance letter with presentation guideline, and must submit the presentation file before the conference starts.
6. Candidate for electronic poster (E-Poster) presentation shall receive the acceptance letter with E-poster presentation guideline, and must submit the presentation file before the conference starts.
7. Candidate must register for the conference after receiving the acceptance letter.

Terms and Conditions for Travel Grant (for up to 30 foreign candidates with acceptance letter)

1. Candidates who received the travel grant should submit the abstract before the deadline and be received the acceptance letter.
2. The support is eligible for the candidates who can attend the conference onsite for oral presentation and e-poster.
3. The travel grant can be received at the oral presentation venue on 12 July 2024 for 22,500 THB from the total of 30,000 THB (7,500 THB deduction for the conference registration)
4. The registration should be completed after the announcement.
5. The travel grant is subject to change depending on the circumstances.



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