Message From Program Director

Welcome to our Master’s Program, the international M.Sc. program in pharmacology and new drug development aims to develop MS graduates who are skillful in modern pharmacology and drug development researchers including herbal medicine. The program also offers didactic venues for students to perfect their interpersonal skills and professional ethics, with the end goal of fostering skillful members of any multidisciplinary team in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Assoc. Prof. Adisak Wongkajornsilp, MD, PhDM.Sc. Program Director

Degree Name: Master of Science in Pharmacology and New Drug Development (International Program)


  1. Medical Pharmacology & New Drug Development
  2. Systems Pharmacology & New Drug Development

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate morals and ethics related to pharmacological research and/or practice
  2. Hold necessary knowledge’s as professional practitioners in medical or systems pharmacology
  3. Apply appropriate research methodologies and statistical techniques related to medical or systems pharmacology in professional practice
  4. Critique scientific findings in medical or systems pharmacology professionally
  5. Demonstrate interpersonal, inter-professional teamwork and life-long learning skills in pharmacological related practice

Apply information technology skills for professional communication in both oral and written forms