Message From Program Director

Welcome to our Ph.D. Program, the program is addressed to students who wish to be distinguished as excellent drug development researchers including herbal medicine. Moreover, this program can offer our PhD students internationally competitive research opportunities in diverse topics.

Assoc. Prof. Uraiwan Panich, MD, PhD

Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology and New Drug Development (International Program)

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate morals and ethics related to pharmacological research and/or practice
  2. Demonstrate as knowledgeable leaders in solving real-world problems in new drug development
  3. Create new knowledge or invention in pharmacology and new drug development using appropriate methodologies and statistical skills
  4. Synthesize new insights in pharmacology and new drug development from critical contemplation of prior scientific work
  5. Demonstrate interpersonal, inter-professional teamwork, life-long learning and leadership skills in pharmacological related practice
  6. Apply advanced information technology skills for professional communication in both oral and written forms