How to Apply for an Elective @ Siriraj

The clinical elective program is a short-term elective under supervision, without credit transfer, and NO hands-on activities to the patient that is available for international medical students from around the globe. The students can choose to undertake the program in their preferred specialties/sub-specialties that meet their interests. The possible period of the program is maximum 8 weeks.

Students have to make a payment for a processing fee of 4,500 TH Baht (upon arrival at the IR office). In accordance with Mahidol University’s vision of enhancing connections with other universities worldwide toward international excellence. The tuition fee for this elective program is free of charge. We will charge the processing fee for the students who ARE NOT under the MOU, MOA, or any agreement. All Students must also be responsible for their living expenses, rental of accommodation, health insurance, transportation, etc., during their stay.

Admission Period

Monthly Elective Availability (google sheet) **real time update**

Admission Timetable in 2024 


Download full elective calendar in PDF

Important Note: The possible period of the program is an even number of 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. We do not accept arranging the program for 3, 5, and 7 weeks or more than 8 weeks. The calendar shows the period of elective.

Processing Fee

*For non-MOU and non- agreement only*

In some cases, if you would like to attend for more than 4 weeks. We are able to arrange the elective for 6 or 8 weeks.
The particular condition of charging the processing fee is as follows:

Note: Please check briefly MOU list here. (updated 28/01/21) Please check with your institution further if you cannot find your institution in the list.


Step 1
Read the Regulation for Inbound_(All applicants must read) carefully.
*if you sign this regulation, it means you accept our terms and conditions, and agree to abide by this regulation.*
Step 2
Look through the information Course Listing for an elective and application period
Step 3
Prepare the required documents Check List for Elective or the information via this below information by this order.

  1. Fill ST1 Form (Application Form)
  2. Motivation letter which states your four preferred departments that filled in the ST1 form at least one paragraph per department/division (you can write separately 4 motivation letters for each department/division.) The motivation letter should answer the following questions:
  • WHY do you wish to take an elective at Siriraj Hospital
  • WHAT do you wish to achieve from this elective
  • HOW do you know about this elective study or Siriraj Hospital.
  • WHY do you interest in the preference department mentioned in the application form (ST1 From)
  1. Curriculum Vitae/resume
  2. Letter of certification/recommendation from your medical school
  3. A transcript / Academic Record

*A transcript is an official record of a student’s work, showing courses taken and grades achieved.* The student can ask your university.

  1. English proficiency score or a certified letter of English proficiency communication issued by the university.
  2. COVID-19 Certification; at least 3 doses
  3. One photograph (size 1 x 1.5 inches) in *.pdf or *.jpg file
  4. Regulations with signature; Regulation for Inbound_(All applicants must read)
  5. Check List Form; Check List for Elective


  1. Scan all required documents and save them in the appropriate format. Make sure that your files are easily readable and provided in high quality.
  2. Merge multiple pages of the same document into one PDF File.
  3. Prepare all required documents before the beginning of the application period.
  4. We accept only the applicants who complete documents before the deadline ONLY.

Step 4
Wait for the acceptance letter
We will spend 4-6 months contacting the relevant departments and we hope to submit our acceptance letter in 1-2 months with further information to you.
Step 5
For this step, the elective students/doctors must send more documents when they get the acceptance letter.

  1. Download Immunization Record Form (ST2 Form). The student can submit their own record if the information covered all Health/Immunization Record Form.
  2. Health or Travelling Insurance; we recommend insurance that must cover COVID-19 Insurance and others.


Contact person:
Mrs.Janjira Pengpreecha
Ms. Peerada Manatareenart
Coordinator, Inbound Elective
Division of International Relations
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Mahidol University
No. 2 Wang-lang Road, Bangkok-noi District
Bangkok 10700 THAILAND
Tel: 66 2419 9465-6 ext. 102/106