Anatomy – About

History of Department of Anatomy

Since 1890, King Chulalongkorn had inaugurated the first medical school in Thailand at SirirajHospital that was name Medical School.

Medical School was opened on September 5, 1990 and the first subject that was taught in Medical School was Anatomy.

Since 1900, King Chulalongkorn had changed the Medical Schoolโ€™s name to the Royal MedicalCollege.

Since 1920, King Rama 6 had shifted the Royal Medical College to the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongorn University and had extended the course syllabus to 6 years. Moreover, the medical students studied and dissected the preserved cadaver in gross anatomy course.

Since 1922, the Rockyfellow foundation had been encouraged on learning medicine and had been adjusted the degree of medicine to Bachelor degree of Medicine.

Since 1923, Prof.CW.Stump had been a head of anatomy department and had begun to plan the subjects that was gross anatomy, microanatomy, and embryology.

Since 1925, Prof.ED.Congdon had been a head of anatomy department and had added 2 subjects that were neuroanatomy and topographic and applied anatomy and had been begun on the museum of anatomy.

Since 1936, faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital had been displaced to Medicine University.

Since 1936-1953, Prof.Sood Sangvichien had been a head of anatomy department and he had improved the advancement of anatomy including teaching, researching, and servicing of the academic. In addition, he opened the School ofย Medicine Illustrationย and established Congdon AnatomicalMuseum, and Sood Sangvichienโ€™s Prehistoric Museum.

Since 1953, Medicine University had been changed the name that was Mahidol University.

Since 1958, Topographic anatomy had been annulled.

Chairmans of Department

  1. 1924-1925
    Professor Claude Witherington Stump
    M.B., Ch.B., M.D.(Edinburgh)
  2. 1926-1931
    Professor Edgar Davidson Condon
  3. 1931-1938
    Instructor Luang Kaivibag Bunyai
    Dip. in Medicine
  4. 1938-1942
    Professor Phra Abbhantrabadh Bisal
    MRCS., LRCP., DTM.
  5. 1942-1969
    Professor Dr. Sood Sangvichien
    M.B., Hon.M.D.
  6. 1969-1970
    Professor Dr. Dhera Utayanang
    M.B., M.D.
  7. 1970-1978
    Professor Dr. Thanomrudi Poomipak
    M.B., M.Sc.(Michigan)
  8. 1978-1984
    Professor Dr. Vichien Diloksampanth
    M.B., M.D.
  9. 1984-1988
    Assist. Prof. Dr. M.R. Virapan Dhavivong
    M.B., M.Sc.(Adelade)
  10. 1988-1996 and 1997-1999
    Professor. Dr. Sanjai Sanvichien
    M.B., M.D.
  11. 1996-1997 and 1999-2003
    Assist. Prof. Kesorn Sripaoraya
  12. 2003 – present
    Assoc.Prof. Dr. Jantima Roongruangchai
    D.D.S., Ph.D