6 Years Curriculum

Doctor of Medicine Program


Founded in 1890, Siriraj Medical School is the first medical school in Thailand. The School was originally named ‘Pathayakorn School’, the school for medical practitioners, and was given the title of ‘Royal Medical College’ in 1901. In 1923, through the generosity of His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol of Songkla (His Majesty the present King’s father) and the assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation, a novel curriculum was established to meet international standards. The name of the medical school was changed to “Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital” in 1969.


Thai students

Languages Used

Thai and English

Channels of Admission

    • International Science Project Olympiads- Gold Medal Award (Portfolio) → 4
    • International Science Project Olympiads → 17
    • Mahidol Medical Scholars Program → 1
    • Consortium of Thai Medical Schools Direct Admission → 270

Totals → 292

Structure of the curriculum

The curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital is a six-year integrated course which includes the first year of basic science, the second and third years of preclinical courses and the last three years of core clinical clerkships.

  • Year 1 → General education/basic science
  • Year 2 → Normal structures & function
  • Year 3 → Abnormal structures & function
  • Year 4 → Clinical experiences
  • Year 5 → Clinical experiences
  • Year 6 → Clinical clerkship rotation

Total Credits: A minimum of 252 credits

Learning Outcome Standards of Field Experience

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital aims to produce medical graduates and citizens to be equipped with good quality, ethics, competence and decent attitudes for medical profession. Primarily, medical professionals should work for public interests. They are capable of learning, having continuous professional development, applying knowledge for the benefits of mankind, adapting to social change, leadership, effective communication and interpersonal skills. In short, they are expected to have knowledge, skills and attitudes in accordance with Professional Standards for Medical Practitioners 2012 and Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in the field of Medicine focusing on the following qualifications:

  • Soul: means physician spirituality consisting 3 sub-characteristics.
    • Professional virtues
    • Patient awareness
    • Social responsibility
  • Knowledge: means professional knowledge consisting 2 sub-characteristics.
    • Clinical knowledge
    • Research knowledge
  • Information: means information, media, technology skills consisting 3 sub-characteristics.
    • Information literacy: such as data accessibility, assessment of reliability, effective use of information, and use and presentation based on ethics
    • Media literacy: means accessibility, understanding and critical and effective use of media
    • Technology literacy: means ability to use technology effectively (computer, telephone, communication devices and digital appliances) regarding worthiness and base on ethics.
  • Learning: means learning and innovation skills consisting 4 sub-characteristics.
    • Creativity
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Communication skills: such as ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing with others including appropriate expressions of idea
    • Collaboration: means effective work with colleagues who have same or different opinion and leading to teamwork which respect each other and collective responsibility
  • Leader: means leadership and life skills consisting 2 sub-characteristics.
    • Leadership: such as able to work with the others in different society, able to create apparent performance, responsible for their own actions and able to lead others for corporate social responsibilit
    • Life skills such as flexibility, self-sufficiency, and self-direction
  • Skills: means professional skills consisting sub-characteristics.
    • Clinical skills
    • Medical investigative skills
    • Procedural skills
    • Health promotion and disease prevention skills

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