ASEAN Student Collaborative Projects

The 1st ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

On July 25th – 28th, 2016, the 1st ASEAN Student Collaborative Project, hosted by Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia in the aims of discussion about the progress of collaborative projects; accreditation and quality self-assessment, student collaboration, the charter of ASEAN Medical School Network, and other action plans among medical schools in ASEAN region.

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The 2nd ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia hosted the “2nd ASEAN Students Collaborative Project (ASCP)” on the theme “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through ASEAN Medical Students’ Empowerment, Community Development and Collaboration: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-being for All at All Ages” between August 20th – 23rd, 2017, at The Sakala Resort, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. This theme highlights the importance of student collaboration for the improvement of healthcare services quality in the future.

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The 3rd ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam

On August 23rd – 24th, 2018, the 3rd ASEAN Student Collaborative Project held at Hanoi Medical University. The main discussions of this year’s meeting were about research sharing, ASEAN culture & medical education environment, as well as ASEAN in the globalization and integration.

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The 4th ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam

the 4th ASCP is held to showcase and highlight community projects conducted by medical, dental, and health sciences students from AMDS member universities. The ASCP enables students to share their research interests, to experience knowledge enrichment in ASEAN medical education, and to exchange culture among the students from various countries.

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The 5th ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj University, Thailand

FIRST TOPIC * Our medical curriculum: Lets share!

* Objectives :

* To exchange and share how similar or different our medical curriculum are

* To inspire one another for developing interesting curriculum/activities in our medical schools

* To understand one another more before discussing further topics

* Activity: Group discussion – share 1-2 outstanding points from your medical school according to the topics below (feel free to present with photos and a short description! J)

* Topics :

– Preclinical years

– Clinical years

– Early Clinical Exposure since preclinical years

– Facility

– Research experience

– Soft skill development

– Workshop/Procedure

– Simulation-based learning

SECOND TOPIC * Doctor of the future

* Activity: Group discussion about important skills doctors in the near future need, how medical students can improve these skills, and how medical schools can support the student to develop these crucial skills

* Topics :

– What skills doctors in the future need?

– How can we as medical students improve these skills?

– How our faculty can support us to be doctors of the future?

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The 6th ASEAN Student Collaborative Project at International University, Cambodia

ASEAN Medical Students Dialogue Brainstorming: Benefit and challenges of an ASEAN Medical School Network Student Chapter:
– Brainstorming: The future of student collaboration in ASEAN
– Present to ASEAN Medical School Network Board Meeting