Student Support

The campus offers a variety of facilities including a fitness center, basketball courts (indoor and outdoor), a tennis court, and a swimming pool to promote a healthy lifestyle for students and staff.

The Faculty also provides resources such as dormitories, a games room, the Siriraj Medical Library, IT Communication for self-study, and MU wireless LAN service to ensure a comfortable and productive study environment for students.


Our campus is equipped with an array of facilities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle for both students and staff members. These include a fitness center, both indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. These amenities are designed to encourage physical activity and overall well-being.


  1. sirirajfitnesscenter@hotmail.com
  2. 02 419 9668
  3. https://www.facebook.com/sirirajfitnesscenter/


Siriraj Medical Library provides education
resources through printed and electronic
versions. Faculties, staffs and students can
browse and retrieve articles either on site
or via the 24-hour remote access of a vast
amount of reputable collections through
Siriraj Medical Library and Mahidol
University Library System.


Siriraj Center of Telemedicine (SiTEL) provides consultation and IT support for Teleconferencing, Tele-education, and Tele-medicine to meet your needs.

For further information, please visit Siriraj Center of Telemedicine


As Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has a determination to be the Medical Institute of the Kingdom towards International Excellence, the faculty has established many projects to establish networks on education, research, academic services and medical services to embrace international partnerships and collaboration with other institutes around the world.

Thus, to facilitate our guests from various nations, such as foreign medical students, doctors or residents, researchers, as well as visiting scholars who come to work at Siriraj, we provide pleasant and convenient accommodations on our campus as demonstrated here.

Male Dormitory

Chaopraya Dormitory (Male Dormitory)
Dormitory and Informatics Operation Building
14 Arun Amarin Road, Bangkok Noi,
Bangkok 10700 THAILAND
Tel.+66 2419 3411

**It will not be available due to construction from Oct 2023 – 2026

Female Dormitory*

Female Medical Students Dormitory 1
Building No.60, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
2 Wang Lang Road, Road, Bangkok Noi,
Bangkok 10700 THAILAND
Tel. +66 2419 7610

**It will not be available due to construction from Oct 2023 – 2026

Bangkok-noi Dormitory
(8 Rai Dormitory)

264/19, Bangkok-noi Dormitory (8 Rai Dormitory)
Building “A”, 13th Floor, Rod-fai Road,
Siriraj, Bangkok-noi District, Bangkok
10700 Thailand
Tel. +66 2419 3000

**It will not be available due to quarantine area.

Important Note: the room will be provided upon availability. So, we would like to recommend prospective students to off-campus dormitories which provide proper service and are near campus.

*8 Rai Domitory is currently provided for only our staff and COVID-19 Designated quarantine facilities 

Shuttle Bus

We provide shuttle bus service for members and personnel working in Siriraj include 3 routes:

Route 1: SiPH ➜ 8 Rai Dorms

Route 2: SiPH ➜ Central Pinklao

Route 3: SiPH ➜ IDEO Condo

* You can check the public transport real-time status updates  on the ViaBus application available on iOS and Android