Siriraj – behind the quality accomplishment

Faculty of Medicine of Siriraj aspires to become a medical institute of the nation, a creator of global citizen well-being, delivers the excellent products of the highest reliability, and continuously disseminates the medical knowledge and innovations. After years of hard work, all of Siriraj’s major missions have been completely accredited by international standards, many of which are firsts for Thailand. 

The key success factors of SIRIRAJ team

The key success factors for becoming the quality-assured organization are as follow:

  • The direction and goals are clearly stated by the leader. The strategies and policy are well thought out and consistent.
  • Team empowerment and co-operation
  • The supporting teams help to integrate the quality system using technique “Link-Share-Learn”, connect the experts and consultants to the supporting systems in accordance with the organizational direction. The teams provide the advices and suggestions, assist in designing the quality tools, and operate in 3C manner which are catalyst, collaborator, and coach. During the process, human resources development is focused to develop good systems along with the participation of the members to find out the best multidisciplinary practices as well as the specific knowledge and innovations that are beneficial to a certain sector and achieve the aforementioned goals.
  • Careful data collection and utilization which enable the accurate and quick  knowledge and innovations development.
  • Systematic assessment and evaluation through regular annual internal audition will enhance the quality management and facilitate the path to the excellence.
  • Giving compliment, and encouragement to the working teams via various awards granting such as annual starred-projects awards, Siriraj honorable awards, etc. The awards replenish the vivid energy and boost their pride.
  • Ultimately, the altruism mindset of Siriraj people matters most.

Our Challenge during working

The biggest challenge possibly is the internal communication given that Siriraj is a sizable organization with 17,000 employees and a variety of missions. The effective communication, especially two-way communication, will provide better understanding about goals and direction and enables the development of quality systems.

In the future Siriraj aims to maintain its standing as a quality-assured organization and create additional novel innovations to continue providing safe and high-quality products. We want to put the Thailand Quality Class principles into practice, elevate Siriraj to the status of a world changer, and promote wellbeing for all people.