Siriraj, Biodesign in Medicine Program

In the modern world, where all industrial sectors are incorporating cutting-edge technologies to move forward, including biomedical sciences. Recently, medical services have advanced to the next level where complex treatments are made possible by high-level computer systems, and various kinds of high-performance wearable devices enable more effective medical services. Knowledge networking has been recognized as an effective learning system that has rendered stand-alone learning, including pure medical education, outdated.

Biodesign in Medicine International Program

Siriraj, Biodesign in Medicine (International Program) is an interdisciplinary program of medicine, engineering, and medical technology that provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of these fields, offering a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to challenges in biological therapy, digital health, and innovative medical products. By bringing together experts from diverse fields, this program brings up a collaborative and dynamic learning environment that encourages students to develop a holistic approach to biomedical innovation.

Who are we looking for?

  • Hold a degree in veterinary medicine, pharmacy, medical technology, engineering, science, or other related fields or attending the final semester of major from academic institutes accredited by the Office of the Higher Education Commission
  • GPA not less than 3.5
  • English Proficiency Examination score regarding the requirement of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Career Path

  • Medical product inventors or innovators at research institutes, government sectors, and industrial organizations
  • Researchers/academic staff in biodesign of medical products at research institutes, government sectors, and industrial organizations
  • Entrepreneurs/Business owners in biomedicine are becoming significant potential in the medical sector.

For individuals who want to pursue advanced studies, Biodesign in Medicine International Program provides both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. program. Whether you’re looking to develop new medical technologies, conduct cutting-edge research, or become an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, our program provides the perfect platform for you to succeed in your career and make a meaningful impact on this world.

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