SIRIRAJ HOSPITAL – Thailand’s Strongest Medical Influencer

Every year Siriraj Hospital provides the finest medical services to more than 3 million outpatients. Even so, the ‘health for all‘ throughout the country still could not be achieved. Not to mention the growing number of patients that could overwhelm Thailand’s capacities in the time of an aging society. Wouldn’t it be better if people have the self-awareness to stay away from those illnesses and from the hospital? This is possible when people receive appropriate and accurate health information in a timely manner. 

Siriraj hospital – the medical influencer 

Through its existence, ‘Siriraj’ has been aware of its role as the medical and healthcare influencer of Thai society and has never stopped its duty ever since. With its outstanding health professionals’ competence, Siriraj has gained high trust and faith and is known as the ‘Hospital of The Land.’ For a long time, it becomes phenomenal when Siriraj makes a move and people out there listen when Siriraj speaks. 


Siriraj hospital achievements

Today, in a disruptive era where digital technologies reign supreme, we employ all available technology and social media to remain the country’s most powerful medical influencer, reaching out to even more people. The following achievements clearly highlight our position in Thailand:

  • well-known medical professionals

Siriraj is a medical center with a large number of well-known medical professionals whose highly sought-after opinions act as personal influencers.

  • medical associations

From past to present, the representatives from Siriraj have been working as chairs of many medical associations, for example, Thailand Medical Council, Medical Association of Thailand, Royal Thai Colleges of Medical Professionals, or members of The Advisory Board of Commission, or the advisor of the minister, etc. As policymakers, they provide insightful information and opinion on medical issues relevant to the policy, law, and regulation that lead to the well-being of Thais.

  • Social educator of Thailand

Siriraj has been a significant social educator of Thailand. When critical healthcare concerns arise in society, it is quite usual to see Siriraj experts on the mass media, giving interviews or providing facts and opinions to stop controversies. Siriraj shares a variety of medical and healthcare knowledge with the public on a regular basis through various media platforms. One example is ‘Pob Morh Siriraj’ (Meet Siriraj Doctors) which has been aired on TV for over 35 years, and continues to receive a high rating among miscellaneous healthcare TV programs.  Using social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, as well as an in-house application called ‘SirirajConnect’ and a telemedicine system, it’s now easier to reach out to more people.

  • Strongest Medical influencer

The two-year-long pandemic of COVID-19 underscores the role of Siriraj as the strongest medical influencer. It took immediate actions not just as frontline healthcare workers, but also assisting the government in the formulation and implementation of several health policies, as well as conducting numerous studies to shed light on this unprecedented outbreak. More than 200 pieces of advice from Siriraj helped to calm the society and encourage people’s cooperation that could reduce the incidence of infection. 

  • Siriraj Health Science Education Excellent Center (SHEE)

a significant division that pushes medical education to the next level. It enables our staff to deliver more effective teaching, curriculum development, and evaluation. The center interests a high number of followers and many of the learning materials posted on the website, as well as live events through Facebook or podcast, have received more and more attention recently.

  • Siriraj research institute

Every year Siriraj research institute receives hundreds of millions of baht from outside organizations to support the research conduction to solve many existing medical problems. Siriraj produces more than 1,000 credible research outputs per year, many of which have been widely cited.


The heterologous COVID-19 vaccine combination study

At an international level, Siriraj just gained a big credit from ‘the heterologous COVID-19 vaccine combination study’ conducted by Siriraj Clinical Research Institution, which was used by WHO to issue a recommendation about COVID-19 vaccine schedules. Siriraj Urticaria and Angioedema Center and Siriraj Center of Allergy and Immunology have been certified as global reference centers in these fields. Many of our staff that is recognized as world-class authorities continue to expand their works and experiences through many international scientific conferences.


Many emerging trends and technologies could be both positive and negative in today’s disruptive world, depending on how we use them. In any case, it is our job to keep up with all of the changes and to continue to be a major medical influencer providing a reliable source of knowledge and inspiration in the coming years.