Siriraj Hospital – The right place to sharpen your skills

Siriraj hospital establishment

Siriraj medical School, founded in 1891, is Thailand’s oldest medical school. In 1922, Siamese government representative, Prince Mahidol of Songkla, negotiated with the Rockefeller Foundation to improve medical education. Thereafter, Thailand’s medical education took a significant leap ahead. 

Throughout its long history, the medical curriculum has undergone numerous revisions to produce the best possible doctors. In today’s world, when interprofessional education is critical for future learners, a new curriculum called the “6 plus 1 curriculum” has been launched allowing medical students to get master’s degrees in a variety of fields while pursuing their medical degree. 


Four master’s degrees

There are four master’s degrees offered by Mahidol University, including Information and Communication Technology, Public Health, Bioengineering, and Business Management, as well as two master’s degrees from the United States and Australia, namely Health & Clinical Informatics @OHSU and Public Health @UWA. We are certain that our curriculum will positively shape the students into global doctors as well as multitaskers who check all boxes of future expectations.


Postgraduate programs @ Siriraj

Siriraj also provides a wide range of postgraduate programs in biomedical sciences for those who are interested in continuing their education beyond a bachelor’s degree. The students can choose a program that best suits their needs from a pile of selections, many of which are highly competitive. Here are some of the magnet programs available at Siriraj.

  • Master Degree in Biodesign in Medicine
  • Master Degree in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Ph.D. in Immunology
  • The Doctoral Degree of Science Program in Prosthetics & Orthotics (Siriraj is the world’s 2nd institute to launch this program)
  • Clinical Fellowship Training program in Dermatologic surgery
  • Fellowship training program in glaucoma
  • Fellowship training program in Hair Disorder and Hair Transplantation
  • Fellowship Program in Pain Management
  • Fellowship Program in Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery
  • Dual and Joint Doctorate Degree Programs with renowned international medical institutions


Siriraj Hospital – the biggest fellowship training of Thailand

Siriraj is Thailand’s biggest residency and fellowship training center that covers all fields of medicine. Each year, thousands of doctors from across the country compete for a spot in one of the 31 residency training programs, and many of them stay on for a few more years for fellowship training. Here, they will get not just the most up-to-date knowledge, proficient skills, and experiences, but also a long-held Siriraj’s heritage of professionalism, particularly altruism (the practice of selfless concern for the well-being of others). Large international network even broaden the horizon of the students. We open a platform for world-class authorities to meet and share their knowledge and novel solutions, which students can benefit from. We also offer scholarships for doctors in ASEAN region to get short course training in many departments with the hope that all the integrations and co-operations will result in better quality of life and health equity of the community.

Reasons given for wishing to study @ Siriraj

  • Siriraj is a leader in the field of medicine. Siriraj also has the highest level of trust from both patients and medical professionals.
  • Every year, Siriraj hospital receives the highest number of outpatients and inpatients. From the solid foundation, having the opportunity to see many rare cases or treat the complicated cases will eventually leverage the students’ competency. Furthermore, many of Siriraj’s medical staffs are world-class authorities who are critical for the program’s quality and intensity.
  • Almost all curricula have been accredited by international standard organizations.
  • Overall high research quality as a result of an efficient system that includes a standard IRB, a 12-story research building with 30,000 square meters of space and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The undergraduate students have a chance to participate in many leading research projects during their pre-clinical years.
  • International outlook
  • Professionalism
  • Hospitality and friendliness of the people


Getting into a study at Siriraj hasn’t been easy, but in the end, with proper pressure and finest polishing, Siriraj will transform you from a lump of coal into a diamond, from a general doctor into a specialist that everyone would be proud of. A degree from Siriraj is like a license to success as it represents an education of highest quality. Siriraj alumni are pleased to bear the name of Siriraj on their shoulders and to carry on the legacy of Siriraj to future generations