SiCORE-M – About

Vision and Mission

Our Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital is in the process of research transformation. SiCORE-M Unit was founded in November 2017 as a management initiative to create a new research ecosystem with customized strategic research management to serve the complex need of our signature research programs (Siriraj Center of Research Excellence, SiCORE). As SiCORE-M is an independent operating unit under the Dean of Faculty, it provides a flexible yet integrated management platform for researchers. At present, SiCORE-M team consists of four faculty members (a manager and three deputy managers), head of operating unit and 4 research management staffs, while Deputy Dean for Research and two prominent health research management experts from the National Health Foundation of Thailand serve as our consultants.

We aim to provide strategic management to SiCOREs in order to: improve research productivity and impact; promote research translation; enable technology transfer and commercialization; and implement research findings at various levels. We will also develop a pilot human resource management scheme, international partnership, professional grant management system, research output monitoring and evaluation system along with promotion and reward strategies for SiCORE programs.

One of the important mechanisms to guide direction of research and innovation for SiCORE programs and our faculty of medicine is to have international and domestic advisory committees (Research and Innovation Advisory Committee, RIAC) that provide research management advice to SiCORE-M for policy and organization development in relation to research excellence and to recommend strategy and planning (overall and theme-specific) of research and innovation of the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, the RIAC will provide guidance for assessment of outputs and outcomes from our signature SiCORE programs and recommend key international research network for new collaboration.

For the six SiCOREs supported by the Research Excellence Development Program and closely cooperated with the Siriraj Center of Research Excellence (SiCORE-M), namely:

• SiCORE-Allergy and Immunology (SiCORE-Allergy)
• SiCORE-Dengue and Emerging Pathogen (SiCORE-Dengue)
• SiCORE-Precision Medicine and Systems Pharmacology (SiCORE-PM&SP)
• SiCORE-Cardiovascular Disease (SiCORE-CVD)
• SiCORE-Diabetes and Obesity (SiCORE-DO)
• SiCORE-Metabolomics and Systems Biology (SiCORE-MSB)

For detailed information about each SiCORE, please click on the link provided alongside each logo.











SiCORE-M’s Core Team Committee

Established in 2017 within the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, the Siriraj Center of Research Excellence Management Unit (SiCORE-M) greatly values our Core Team Committee in shaping the unit’s direction and plans. Over the years, we have been privileged to have esteemed Thai research management experts serve on our Core Team Committee, including;

1. Professor Vicharn Panich
2. Dr.Somsak Chunharas
3. Emeritus Professor Dr. Prasit Watanapa and;
4. Professor Dr. Prasert Auewarakul

The Core Team Committee convenes monthly to deliberate and receive feedback on the unit’s strategic direction and plans.