Be Our Partners! Thailand Best Medical Institution

We are Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

We – the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital – never stop forging ahead to become ‘a world changer’! We have been harvesting so many experiences and knowledge; therefore, we wish to share these insights with the world.

We’re certain that we have a lot to offer especially to those who are looking for a potential partner in medicine in Thailand. 

Siriraj Hospital, best medical stitutions

Let’s have a look at some evidence below!

  • Holding the top rank of leading medical institutions of Thailand from the beginning – SIRIRAJ has the highest numbers of patient treatments, with the health professional covering all the sub-specialties.
  • Our 16 Excellence Centers (and still counting) – engage and dedicate to finding novel insights, for we could raise the bar to respond to the global healthcare trends and healthcare standards.
  • Convenient access via public transport – we are located on the commuter-friendly complex where you can reach us by roads, river, and rails (by MRT and Skytrain in the near future).
  • We have a great capacity for medical research opportunities both in the basic sciences field and clinical trials – we are fully equipped with cutting-edge research instruments, a highly experienced research team, funding sources, and an international network.
  • The foundation of our hospitality comes from SIRIRAJ’s spirit and belief in ‘public beneficence,’ ‘courtesy,’ ‘mastery,’ and ‘virtue’. Competency in English communication skills of the people on campus eases the language barrier.
  • East meets West Practice – Here we combine the science of modern medicine and the time-honored Thai traditional medicine for the great benefit of our patients.

The Benefit for our partners

The following are some of the valuable benefits for our partners.

  • Increasing your institute’s brand recognition in the ASEAN region, which is one of the major players in the world with over 600 million people. Thailand has great potential as an ASEAN gateway because of its location and numerous robust networks.
  • Initiating a range of collaboration to expand the scope of new learning opportunities through a variety of activities such as student and staff exchange, jointed academic conference, jointed research, dual degree program, and so on.
  • Gaining knowledge in fields of tropical medicine and Thai Traditional Medicine
  • Joining hands to create the innovations in future healthcare and medical education – that promote both the circular resource use and the sustainable partnership
  • We would like to cordially invite medical schools, institutions, or research centers – from all over the world – to get acquainted, share, and exchange what you have with us for a better tomorrow of the next generation. We do believe in the power of partnership that benefits not only on both sides but to the world. With your partnership and collaboration, we know we can.