Thai & Japan Medical School Joint Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Sciences

Thai & Japan Medical School Collaboration

Since August 2019, in order to support the national educational policy, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital in collaboration with Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Japan, has opened an international doctoral program in Medical Sciences. The main goals of this program are to develop global leaders who will conduct ongoing research and innovation in order to improve healthcare services. 

Joint Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Sciences

The following are some of the exclusive features of this program.

  1. The leading medical institutes of Thailand (Siriraj) and Japan (TMDU) have joined hands and spent hours after hours brainstorming, arguing and debating, and finally came up with an international program that is one of the most exquisite doctoral programs in medical sciences.
  2. The contents of this Ph.D program are up to date, focusing on a wide range of surgical specialties and disorders, particularly cancers of various organ systems. The program also offers learnings in Clinical Statistics & Informatics, Epidemiology, and Public Health, and Disease Prevention through various learning activities such as classroom, online & video learning, research meeting & consultation, laboratory techniques coaching, and surgical skills development in the operating room, all of which are supervised by many renowned lecturers.
  3. Both basic science research conducting skills and surgical skills are greatly consolidated throughout the program in order to enable the learners to be as competent as possible for their future careers. The program also sharpens creativity and systematic thinking and analytic skills, all of which are crucial for innovation development after completing the education.
  4. The learning activities are conducted in both Thailand and Japan, and the period of stay on either campus can be customized by the students. This provides an opportunity to learn about the diversity in medicine, research, culture, and social aspects that will even broaden the students’ perspectives.
  5. The opportunity of medical capacity enhancement is now available to those who want to achieve great success in medicine, especially surgery. The curriculum intensity and the exquisite expertise of the mentors will push the students to their maximal limits. The number of students is limited to 3 persons per year for the highest quality control. Graduates earn a Ph.D. degree endorsed by two universities which are highly regarded as a credential to success. 

The Application

The applicants must have graduated Doctor of Medicine (MD) or received a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.50. The recruitment process will begin in December and end in February, in order to coincide with the start of the first semester in April.