Integrated Center of Excellence Diabetes Mellitus

Globally, the prevalence oftype 2 diabetes is growing at an alarming rate around 280 million people at 2010, and then prospectively increases to 450 million people in next 20 years.

(1) Moreover, prevalence of diabetes in Thailand is around 6.9%

(2) and is projected to increase more than 46% (Western Asia Pacific) in that 20-year period.Similarly, there was an upward trend in the number of outpatient diabetes visits in Siriraj Hospital, from approximately 45,000 patients in 2011 to 51,000 patients in 2014. In addition, 12,000 new patients per year are referred to the center for diabetes and complication management from all over Thailand

(3) Consequently, diabetes will be a major problem and burden in Siriraj hospital, and will require excellent systematic diabetes service and diabetes self-management education and support and will provide many research opportunities in many aspects.

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