Core facilities and Research Support Service

SiCRF : Siriraj Central Research Facility

Service Laboratory Equipment & Room

The Core Facilities fully equipped with advance biomedical laboratory instruments including next generation genome sequencing, microarray platforms, confocal microscopes, electron microscope, flow cytometry platforms, fast protein liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

– His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2007 Building, 5th Floor
– Srisawarindhira Building, 10th Floor
– Adulyadejvikrom Building, 12th Floor
The Biosafety Room – Level 3 (BSL-3)
– Department of Microbiology
– Department of Immunology
BSL-3 Isolation Room to support clinical research on emerging and recurrent infectious diseases
– Siriraj Hospital Stem Cell Laboratories
– Srisawarindhira Building, 12th Floor
– Chudadhuj Building, 9th Floor
– His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2007 Building, 5th Floor

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Siriraj Tissue and Biological fluid  Repositories

  1. Biological specimen repository
    Provide space for biological specimen repository to research project which has no space enough and specimen will be stored under standardization.
  2. Permission of using biological specimen for research
    Requisition of archived biological specimen for using in research.
  3. Blood processing service
    Perform blood processing to separate blood component for research project that has no research assistance or facility.
  4. Consent service
    Provide service of informed consent of specimen collection for the research project that has insufficient staff.
  5. Service of specimen collection
    Provide service for specimen collection from research project.

Mr. Sutee Udomchotphruet
Tel:  +662-419-2648

Miss Daungthip
Tel:  +662-419-2839

Siriraj Clinical Research Center
Siriraj Clinical Research Center was established in 2003 to support and promote clinical research related activities, especially commercial research and medical therapeutics development during phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. Core services provided by the Clinical Research Center are the bioequivalence studies on generic formulation of drugs and all clinical researches from phase 1 to 4. These services are provided by staff members who have been GCP-trained and have clinical research skills and experience. More.
Clinical Registry

SiRB : Siriraj Insatitution Review Board
Siriraj Institutional Review Board has a responsibility in human research project authorization and aims to preserve subject’s honor, right, safety, and well-being, according to international ethics and standards.
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