Bangkok Noi Model

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital set up the objectives to promote well-being and health promotion to the society by using the knowledge from all Departments and Units and implement it into the neighboring community called “Bangkok Noi” which is the district rich in history.

The faculty set up the project in collaboration with allied networks to develop the role model of the semi-urban community which is in the transition of an aged society to improve the health quality of people in Bangkok Noi district.

Project Rationale

  • Thailand is now entering into the aged society, posed a necessity to create the masterplan to respond effectively
  • Thai society needs Information Technology to solve the root cause of the problem by having enough information gathered from the area
  • The Faculty aimed to be beyond a medical school, and the adherence of the philosophy – “True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind”.

Project Timeline: 4 years 6 months starting from October 1st, 2015 – March 31st, 2020

Location: Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok Province

Alliances and Stakeholders: 

  1. Thai Health Organization
  2. Bangkok Noi District Bureau
  3. Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University
  4. Royal Thai Navy
  5. 6-secondary school in Bangkok Noi District
  6. 42 communities in Bangkok Noi District
  7. Office of the Basic Education Commission
  8. Mahidol University International College
  9. 22-primary school in Bangkok Noi District


  1. To develop a health database that can be utilized in the healthcare system and health promotion in the community.
  2. To enhance health care system management in the community as well as the primary care.
  3. To develop a healthcare network and learning process by having healthcare alliances and stakeholders participated in the project working together simultaneously
  4. To enhance the knowledge in parallel with the process of health promotion to cover all aspects of healthcare indicator in every age, especially to raise public awareness in the elderly
  5. To create a co-learning process by having a healthcare database to bring about a healthy community in 42 communities in Bangkok Noi and in the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

Phase 1: Establishment of an information gathering system to further healthcare solution

Phase 2: Strengthen the cooperation and learning process in the communities

Phase 3: Promote and persuade all departments in the Faculty to launch the project or research which focus on the healthy community of Bangkok Noi district in order to make the communities are able to take care of themselves

Target group: people in 42 communities in Bangkok Noi District and Siriraj communities

Total of participants: 28,003 people

The Outcome of the Project: 

  1. Approach to the development of IT for gathering information, management, and report by having a database of 28,003 people in Bangkok Noi District with the information of health, financial status, social behavior, environment, and security
  2. Approach to network management, using integrated communication as the followings,
    • Separating the relationship between the head of communities into three groups
    • Creating the coordinator in the communities (1 coordinator per 4-5 communities)
    • Creating the teacher coordinator network
    (1 coordinator: 2 secondary schools & 1 coordinator: all primary schools)
  3. Visiting semi-urban community by the following processes
    Community Coordination: Meeting with the head of communities
    • Preparation: Set up the orientation for the volunteers to analyze the communities
    Gathering Information: Set up the mentors in the appointed zone for giving advice, walk into the community as a team, record, conclude, and solve immediate problems in the communities
  4. Establish the Projects by using the information gathered from the visitation of the communities

Ten projects were established from the database communities as the followings,

  1. The Workshop for CPR Volunteer Training Project in Bangkok Noi Communities by Department of Emergency Medicine
  2. Basic CPR for High School Teenager by Private Patient Division, Department of Nursing
  3. Research Project on CPR Volunteer by Motorcycle Taxi to Help the Healthcare Professional and People to Communities in Bangkok Noi to Receive CPR before the Emergency Health Service Arrive by the Department of Emergency Medicine
  4. Research Project on Enhancing the Physical Health in the Elderly by Siriraj Health Policy Unit
  5. CSR with CBR (Community – Based Rehabilitation) by the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  6. Bangkok Noi Place and People by Mahidol University International College
  7. Bangkok Noi Challenge for Well-being of the Elderly by Siriraj Health Policy Unit and Siriraj Research Network
  8. Project on Self-Management for Non-Chronic Disease Elderly Patients in Bangkok Noi Communities by Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University
  9. New Generation of Sex Educator by the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University
  10. Project on the Result of Building Motivation and Self Control for Avoiding Alcohol among the Labour Population in Bangkok Noi by the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University